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    Default Contact View (2000 SR1a)

    I prefer to have my contacts sorted by company. One of the views on the "Current View" menu is "By Company". This sorts them fine except that all of the company 'groups' are expanded. I can click on View>Expand/Collapse>Collapse All and collapse everything fine. However, when I go to a different folder and come back to the contacts folder the list is again expanded. Does anyone know how to change the default view for the Contacts folder so that it is collapsed by default?

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    Re: Default Contact View (2000 SR1a)

    Select that Company View, then menu through View, Current, Define, Modify, Group By, then on the lower right (I'm looking at OL 2000) select the drop down for either "Collapsed" or "As Last Viewed"; OK out of that labyrinth! HTH.
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