<LI>Level of difficulty
<UL>Easy as[/list]<LI>Raw ingredients
<UL>1 large potato per person
1/4 cup of fresh cream per potato
fresh nutmeg[/list]<LI>Method
<UL>peel potatoes, put peeled potatoes in cold water.
when all potatoes are peeled, prehead oven to 180 Centigrade, 350 Fahrenheit.
Thinly (about 3 mm, 0.1 inch) slice potatoes and place into a high-rim oven-proof dish
Liberaly grate/grind fresh nutmeg over the entire surface (or use ground nutmeg if you wish, but, fresh is better) until it's almost totally covered in brown
Pour in fresh cream until potatoes in dish are just covered.
DO NOT STIR NUTMEG INTO CREAM, let nature take care of that!
Place in middle shelf in oven[/list]<LI>Backing Time
<UL>approximately 1 1/2 hours
The cream has to turn brown, forming a brown bubbly crust on top while the potatoes remain in a small amount of liquid when the dish is ready to serve (If unsure when it's ready, test a potato slice with a pointy knife for tenderness.)[/list]<LI>Condiments
<UL>Steamed Beans, Peas and/or Carrots
Veal or Chicken cooked in White Wine and Rosemary sauce.[/list]<LI>Addictiveness
<UL>You may want to add some chopped onions and/or finely chopped ham or some fresh, very finely chopped Rosemary to potatoes before pouring cream over potatoes.
However, once you add ham, it is no longer a salt-free diet in case you haven't noticed <img src=/S/smile.gif border=0 alt=smile width=15 height=15>[/list]