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Thread: winoldap Woes

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    winoldap Woes

    After upgrading my second system (an old 500MHz AT) with a run-of-the-mill 1.7 Celeron on a no-frills Biostar board, I have been experiencing problems with multiple instances of "winoldap" running. This is a WinMe system. The problem occurs with I fire up my command-line client for SETI. Immediately, one instance of winoldap will appear in Task Manager. However, if I leave the system running for several hours (my normal practice is to have my systems running 24/7) soon I will have several and then many (up to 21 so far!) instances of winoldap running. Needless-to-say, soon my system has slowed to half a crawl. Exiting SETI does not cause the winoldaps to close. "Ending" the task results in "This program not responding" error. Eventually, I can get every instance closed but then they will start opening up again. I am thinking it may be connected to the screen saver/sleep modes.

    Searching the net points to drivers - I have used the drivers out-of-the-box for the monitor, Video card (this is the same VC used in the old system), and audio card and also upgraded to the latest drivers - same thing.

    It did not happen before the upgrade with the same OS installed on the same hard drives. Also using the same monitor and video card.

    No problems on the XPP and two XP Home systems running same SETI config.

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    Re: winoldap Woes

    I ran a newer version of the Seti program on Me without any problems. Me doesn't seem to like anything DOS-related, so maybe this would be your best bet.

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