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    Problems Printing Words Compressed & spaces betwee (Office 2000)

    I have a workstation here in the office that is having trouble printing from Word to the local printer. We have third party software unique to our industry that integrates with Microsoft. This workstation was having trouble printing some of the custom forms that are a part of this software, so their support told me to uninstall and reinstall the local printer using HP5 with a regular 5 driver. I did that and tested printed the custom forms. They printed fine. But now I am having problems printing regular Word documents. I have tried creating new documents and printing them, documents stored on the network, documents stored within this third-party software. None of them print properly from the local. They print fine if a network printer is selected. Print preview looks fine. But the actual printing is strange! There are spaces between letters of the same word. Spaces are omitted between words so they run together. Letters are printed one on top of the other, some are compressed. But the strangest is the word "policy". It is consistently spelled "pyolic"! Not every word is corrupt. Some are normal. I have looked at Tools>Options>View Tab to see if anything needed changing. I think everything looks ok. I'm thinking this is a printer problem but I don't know. Any suggestions? This local printer is a HP LaserJet 6L. The operating system is Windows XP. Thanks!

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    Re: Problems Printing Words Compressed & spaces betwee (Office 2000)

    If the files appear fine on screen and in print layout view then the only possibility I can think of is that the new print driver has serious problems. Can you install another print driver and use that one when printing from Word? Is is possible to have more than one driver printing to the same printer and this may be your only fix for this problem.
    Andrew Lockton, Chrysalis Design, Melbourne Australia

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