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Thread: Litter Box Cake

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    Litter Box Cake

    I got this from a friend at an office party.....looked too real to eat. <img src=/S/barf.gif border=0 alt=barf width=64 height=23>


    1 package white cake mix
    1 package spice cake mix
    1 box vanilla wafers
    2 packages instant vanilla pudding
    4 cups milk (to prepare the pudding)
    green food colouring
    tootsie rolls and/or small Oh Henry chocolate bars
    icing sugar (if desired)
    kitty litter pan to hold the cake
    litter scoop for serving the cake

    Bake cakes separately according to package directions.
    Crumble and mix the two cakes in a very large container or the litter pan.
    Crush vanilla wafers and colour 1 cup of the crumbs with green food colouring (it takes a lot of food colouring). Reserve the coloured crumbs for decoration.
    Prepare pudding according to package directions.
    Add the uncoloured wafer crumbs to the cake and mix.
    Combine the cake/crumb mixture with the pudding and spread in the litter pan.
    Decoration - this is where the artist in you comes out!

    Heat tootsie rolls in microwave for 10 seconds and shape realistically.
    Oh Henry bars - coat with honey and roll in the wafer crumbs (coloured or uncoloured).
    Place tootsie rolls and chocolate bars in or on the cake mixture.
    Spread the green crumbs over the top of the cake.
    Sprinkle with icing sugar (if desired).
    Enjoy - if you can stomach it!!

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    Re: Litter Box Cake

    That is just a little too real for me. Who would ever think of something like that?? I agree.... <img src=/S/puke.gif border=0 alt=puke width=60 height=15>

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