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    Installing Office XP (w/97 & OL98) (Office XP)

    Hi Folks. I could use some info about installing Office XP. Current set up is Office 97 on a Windows 98SE (PII, 256K RAM) machine.

    I've got a 1.5 year old (still boxed, original) version of Office XP. I just ordered Office XP SP2 on CD, via the MS site. My plan: Install the original, then install SP1&2 from CD. All the scary stuff in Woody's newsletters about problems with XP makes me wary. So, is this a good plan? Anything special I should know or do?

    Specific questions: (1) Can I run Word97 & Excel97 AND Word XP (2002) & Excel XP on the same machine? (2) I use Outlook98 on desktop and Palm. Should I install Outlook2002 or not? Looks like there are ways to get around the security stuff that restricts some attachments, but if I'm not sharing schedule, etc. how to decide if I need or want Outlook 2002? (3) Any problems saving Word or Excel files in 97 or 2000 format? (4) Any other tips or trips you can tell me about?

    Thanks and thanks, Stephanie

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    Re: Installing Office XP (w/97 & OL98) (Office XP)

    If possible, I try not to run two different versions of Office on the same PC, so I haven't with XP, but I believe there are a number of loungers who have done so and not had serious problems. Outlook is a bit nastier however - if you install Outlook 2002 it will replace the 98 version. If you choose not to install it, I'm not sure what will happen - perhaps someone else knows what happens if you choose not to install Outlook 2002. Word and Excel go back and forth just fine in general, though if you are tracking changes in a document, things can get scrambled. There were several articles in WOW last year (that feels funny). Otherwise, I've been running XP for 18 months with no real problems.

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    Re: Installing Office XP (w/97 & OL98) (Office XP)

    There is no reason to keep Word97 and Excel97 with OfficeXP. All data files (doc, dot, rtf, xla, xlb, xls, and so on) are fully compatible with 32-bit versions of Office (97, 2000, XP, Net). The only exception is Access - data files from Access 97 (mda, mdb and so on) are backward compatible with Access 2000/XP, but not vice versa. Therefore, you can keep Access97 if you need to exchange databases with other Access97 users.

    To me, to upgrade to Office XP is a good idea. Apply SP-1 and SP-2 patches after Office XP installation. Then don't forget to apply the latest patches:
    Word 2002 Update: October 16, 2002
    Excel 2002 Update: October 16, 2002
    Outlook 2002 Update: December 4, 2002
    If you use multilanguage input (keyboard layouts other than English), install
    Office XP Alternative User Input Update: January 24, 2002 - you don't need this update if you use Windows XP or English keyboard only.
    But first of all, install
    Attachment Options for Outlook 2002 - tool that enable you to see e-mail attachments and save them.

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