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    Publisher calendar war (2002)

    Ok well I have not totally won the war but I have won the battle with making a nice calendar and putting it on a web site. I can also send it to people and it is only about 220 KB.

    This will grab you, I use Word 2002 for help. Follow these steps to make and easily post or send out your calendar.

    1. Create your calendar in Publisher.

    2. Once you have your calendar done go to the top and click Edit -----> Select all.

    3. Click on Arrange-------> Group.

    4. Save your project as a pub file where ever you want on your hard drive.

    5. Edit-----> Select all----> Copy

    6. Open up a blank word 2002.

    7. Edit---->Paste Special-----> Choose either Picture at the top or Bitmap. *See below for the choice difference*

    8. Click ok.

    9.Save the Word file as a word doc.

    10. Now we can take this converted image and paste it into a page in Front page 2002 or what ever you use.

    11. Make sure your word document that you just saved is open and, Save as---> webpage htm, html, I save it to my desk top. This creates a picture of your calendar on your desktop as well as an html file. Or just right mouse click on the image and copy it, and paste it into the blank FP 2002 page. From there paste you calendar picture into your blank page that you have waiting in your program like Front Page 2002.

    *Picture is a small file and does a nice job for emailing out the calendar. Bitmap is large, but the pictures print out just a little better.*
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