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Thread: Merge (XP)

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    Merge (XP)

    Does anybody remember where to retrieve the technique to use Access in a merge process for (e-)mailing Christmas cards? I noted that it was in one of the recent newsletters, but after looking, could not find it.

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    Re: Merge (XP)

    Woody's Office for Mere Mortals ran a two-part guide on printing and mailing Christmas cards in vol 3 no 31 and vol 3 no 32, but it deals with merging with Outlook contacts, not with Access...

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    Re: Merge (XP)

    The basic trick is that you need to create a query in Access which includes whatever data you want to merge into the email, and you need to include the email address. In word you then specify that you want to merge to electronic mail, and it will display some properties to complete, including the name of the field that contains the email address, and the subject line to be used. I haven't actually played with this in Word 2002, but I expect it should work the same as in 97 and 2000. You should also get the option to send the Word document as the email or as an attachment. Hope this gets you started.

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