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    Are there any Windows Upgrade issues to know about

    I just got a new Windows XP machine (finally retiring an old Win95). Clicked on the Windows Update feature and got the following updates to install:
    29 Critical Updates and Service Packs (including Windows XP Service Pack 1)
    20 Windows XP
    2 Driver Updates

    I plan to install the SP1 update, and then the remaining Critical Updates. Are there any issues/problems/stuff to be aware of with any of these updates?
    Second, many of the other updates in the "Windows XP" category are HUGE (like .NET is 20.8M). Are there any that are to be avoided, or can be forgotten about? Or should I just bite the bullet and tie up my telephone modem for a second evening and just install everything? Thanks.

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    Re: Are there any Windows Upgrade issues to know about

    Install all Critical Updates and ONLY those that you you will use from the other list i.e., .NET only if you are going to use the .NET, I have NOT downloaded as of yet.

    I do not down load the drivers from MS, I check out the OEM, if I think I need to upgrade the drivers. The OEM may have newer ones than MS

    Make sure that your copy of Windows does not already contain the SP1 release. Most new machines, this is included with the current production copy.

    Now running HP Pavilion a6528p, with Win7 64 Bit OS.

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