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    converting Line Draw tables (Word97/SR2)

    I have re-written my Line-Draw table analysis routines, which originated in Word6/WordBasic back in, oh, 1996?

    If anyone is thinking of converting Line Draw tables, I need a guinea-pig^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H beta-tester.

    The code is in my, and uses my I'll provide up-to-date copies of both templates to testers.

    The attached document summarizes the idea.

    The conversion routines are fault-tolerant (slight corruptions in the line draw layout don't upset the code) and can deal with any set of line-draw symbols, from the famous WordPerfect 5.1 set to tables composed solely of hyphens and vertical bars.

    Running the thing can be a simple as :

    <pre>Sub TESTlngLineDraw()
    MsgBox lngLineDraw(ActiveDocument.Range)
    End Sub

    Customising the symbol set is as simple as:

    <pre>Call U.strPPA(strcTLChars, ",218,201")
    Call U.strPPA(strcTCChars, ",194,203")

    The serious developer can switch symbol sets during the analysis of a single document, or can group several symbol sets into one definition. In the U.strPPA example above, note that two different ASCII characters are used to represent the TopLeft symbol, and two different ASCII characters are used to represent the TopCentre symbol.

    This is a specialised request, so it may be best to email me a request for a start. I'm willing to entertain conversion of small sets of documents here if anyone wants to see the end result without having to install the templates.

    If Geoff Whitfield wants, we can discuss the procedures in this forum; I'm leery of clogging up the forum with personal/specialised dialogues.

    Brooke Tindall may have recovered from his experience in testing Procedure Clipper, if you want a personal reference (templates are virus free etc).
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