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    Hyperlinks in Word 2000

    I have had a couple of calls about Word documents that refuse to allow the creation of a hyperlink. I've looked at AutoFormat as You type settings, toggled on the field codes and cannot find a reason for the operation to fail. The behavior is that when a standard URL is typed in, the text style switches to blue underline and appears to be a hyperlink. However it will not activate or launch a browser. When we opened the Hyperlink dialog the URL address text box was blank. We manually typed in the correct URL, clicked OK...nothing. Went back into the Hyperlink dialog to find...nothing. The URL we typed in was gone. Blew away, restored it and it still didn't work.
    Any ideas?

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    Re: Hyperlinks in Word 2000

    Sounds as though the feature either was not properly installed, or something has gone awry with the core Internet Explorer .dlls. Someone posted a message about the tools at that allow you to monitor file system and registry interaction in real time. I suspect that clicking the hyperlinks button would call out to some part of the IE-OS. You could try it on a working machine and see whether you can tell what might be missing. It's a theory...

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    Re: Hyperlinks in Word 2000

    Thanks, I'll give that a try.

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