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    Norton Firewall and web popups - Help

    while I have ZoneAlarmPro on my desktop PC in my home up north, I got Norton's Personal Firewal free for my laptop when I signed up for ADSL in Florida a year ago. I don't understand all the ins and outs of Norton's Firewall yet, so can someone give me a quick clue on stopping these doggone webpopups, which are coming many times a day now, without stopping the messenger service or anything else that might be necessary. I am using Windows XP Professional just in case that provides a needed handle.

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    Re: Norton Firewall and web popups - Help

    I personally won't use the "Norton" products because I don't like the way Symantec takes over a machine, so I can't help you with it. However, there are popup suppressing products that you can use if Norton doesn't have that capability built in. I use one called Popup Stopper, form, which coexists nicely with ZoneAlarm Pro and is quite cheap, but there are others that have been mentioned in this board before If you do a lounge search in this forum on popup it should turn up a bunch of threads for you to examine.

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