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    Can't delete partition on XP install (XP home)

    Please help! I am trying to install XP home edition on my computer. The install seems to go along fine until I try to "delete the primary partition" (I want to start clean). It says "Unable to perform ...partition contains temporary setup files required to complete install." what am I doing wrong ? Can anyone help?

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    Re: Can't delete partition on XP install (XP home)

    The best way to do this, is to boot up with a Win 98 disk with CD support. Format the hard drive and then place Windows XP CD in player and the auto start should take you from there. There is NO reson to change the partitions, unless the C partion is NOT large enough, then you need to resize it with Partition Magic or it's like. Then too, you could use FDisk, if you have it on your BOOT up disk.

    Note , you will need to add a copy of the Format command to the Win 98 disk.

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