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    Windows 2000 Service Pack 3

    I was downloading Service Pack 3 for a W 2000 Professional and as the installation was about to finish (fully downloaded and installing the files on the PC) , my Laptop went into Hybernation mode (didn't see the AC adapter had come unplugged). So I conect the AC adapter and boot the Laptop and everytime I try to start it (safe mode, safe mode with networking, safe mode with command promp, last known good configuration, directory services restore, debugging mode, etc.) it opens a window that says that winlogon.exe has failed and that the machine will restart, and in fact it reboots. Bottom line, cannot start my Laptop now, not even for a DOS command prompt. Any idea as to what to try next to rescue my Laptop?

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    Re: Windows 2000 Service Pack 3

    Yikes! I hate things like that. Best thing you can do now is to boot with the Windows 2000 CD (or floppies) and run a Repair - just follow the onscreen prompts. It should get you back to an operational state....and while it's working, you can staple the AC line into the back of the machine!!

    If you have access to a working system (and you must because you posted here) follow these steps, available online at

    <big>Making the Windows 2000 Installation Floppy Disks</big>
    You need four formatted disks and the Windows 2000 CD. On a computer running a 32-bit version of the Windows operating system:

    1. <LI>Insert the Windows 2000 CD into the CD-ROM drive.
      <LI>When prompted, Would you like to upgrade to Windows 2000, click No.
      <LI>On the Windows 2000 Server CD splash screen, click Browse This CD.
      <LI>When a list of folders appears, double-click the BOOTDISK folder.
      <LI>Double-click MAKEBT32.
      <LI>At the prompt, Please specify the floppy drive to copy the images to, type: A.
      <LI>Insert the first disk, and press Enter.
      <LI>Follow the instructions to create the remaining three disks.
      Best Practice: Label the disks as prompted during the creation process so that you will know the correct order to use them for Setup.
      <LI>Close the BOOTDISK folder and close the Windows 2000 CD splash screen.

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