Hi folks,

I've been experiencing an annoyance with TS that seems to have happened just
over the last few weeks, where remote computers will be able to connect to
the TS server and start a session, but then get knocked off after only about
two or three minutes. Upon attempting to reconnect, the session is able to
be restored usually on the first try, but then it kicks the user off again

I have called the local phone company to test the phone line for static or
interference, and they are telling me there's no problem with the line. I'm
thinking it's not the internet connection (ADSL) because the session is able
to be restored quickly. There is a Sonic Wall SOHO firewall between the DSL
router and the network, handling VPN and firewall duties; I have uploaded
the latest firmware revision to it with no change in the situation.

As I mentioned, this has only started happening fairly recently, and there
was a period of several weeks where everything was working fine.

Can anyone help me know where to look for answers?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Charlie T.

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