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    list numbering applied to all paras in document

    W97 - VBA code

    We have custom toolbars with styles etc.
    I have a user that when she selects the button for our custom list numbering, all paragrahs in the whole document is numbered.

    The list numbering is exactly the same as word's numbering(list) just the indentation is different.

    The code to apply the list numbering follows:

    If Selection.Range.ListFormat.ListType = 0 Then
    Selection.Range.ListFormat.ApplyListTemplate ListGalleries(wdNumberGallery).ListTemplates(1)
    End If

    However its not the code as the code works on all other pcs.

    The result looks like its selects the whole document & then applies line numbering to all lines (as theres numbering in the headers & footers as well).

    But I had a look if its mistaking the listnumbering for line numbering & couldnt find anything.

    Therefore its a local issue.
    Its not the VBA code thats why I've posted in this word forum, as I suspect its a word setting but dont know what to look for.
    Anyone have any ideas???
    TIA Diana

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    Re: list numbering applied to all paras in document

    Hi Diana,

    It sounds as though the Normal style has been set to "Automatically update". (Format/Style)

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