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    DLookUp expression (2000 SR-1)


    I'm not really that experienced with Access, so please excuse the naivete of this question.

    I inherited a database from someone that includes this expression in a report field:

    =DLookUp("[CorrDesc]","Corrections","[Corrections]![CorrID]=" & [CorrID])

    I can figure it out except for the "[Corrections]![CorrID]=" part. What does that mean?


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    Re: DLookUp expression (2000 SR-1)

    The third argument to DLookup, <font face="Georgia">"[Corrections]![CorrID]=" & [CorrID]</font face=georgia>, provides the where-condition (criteria) that must be satisfied. If Corrections is a table, the author could have left out <font face="Georgia">[Corrections]!</font face=georgia>. The where-condition compares the CorrID field in the Corrections table to the current value of CorrID in the report - when this expression gets to be evaluated, the last [CorrID] is replaced by its value for the current record, since it is outside the quotes. For example, if CorrID = 37 for the current record, the expression to be evaluated is <font face="Georgia">=DLookUp("[CorrDesc]","Corrections","[Corrections]![CorrID]=37")[/georgia. So the DLookup expression says "Look up the CorrDesc field in the Corrections table in the record for which the CorrID field is equal to 37".

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