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    Unsticky Settings for Insert Picture Dialog Box (Word 2002 (Office XP))

    I created a number of VBA macros for Word 97 that manipulated the Insert Picture dialog box. For example, I could grab the file name and automatically create the caption on the next line. To facilitate my work, I had set the dialog box to sort the files in the directory of pictures to put the most recently modified picture at the top of the dialog box. Then, I switched to preview mode, so that whenever I opened the dialog box, I saw a preview of the most recently modified picture.

    Now I am working with Windows 2002 (the version in Office XP), and the Insert Picture dialog box won't hold its settings! Every time I open it, I get a three-column list of thumbnails in alphabetical order, regardless of the fact that the last time I opened the dialog box, I told it to show me the details, sorted by most-recently modifed!

    This is a real time-waster for me, and an annoyance of no small stature.

    Is there a way to make the settings of the Insert Picture dialog box sticky? Using VBA, the registry, or magic?

    Thanks in advance for the favor of any reply.

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    Re: Unsticky Settings for Insert Picture Dialog Box (Word 2002 (Office XP)

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