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    Clyde Wisham

    Text in the Outline Pane

    Does anyone know how to make text box text appear in the outline pane? (Alternately, is there any way to build my own custom autolayouts so that I can have more than two text placeholders that will appear in the outline pane?)
    Background: I make PP presentations that must be translated into several languages. The translators habitually work in the outline pane, and they therefore often miss text that is in text boxes. (And I really need text boxes.)
    All my research so far indicates that this isn't possible, but you would think it could be done somehow with VBA. Any ideas?

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    Re: Text in the Outline Pane

    fascinating question - I haven't found a way to do this in VBA (perhaps you should cross post to the VBA board).
    The best I could come up with would be to modify the place holder with tab setting for the number of columns you want to display.
    Then use tabs to separate your columns of text. With some fooling around, you should get it to display in a similar fashion in the outline pane. You could even import this info from Word .
    Not quite what you were looking for, I'm curious if there is an answer.
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    Clyde Wisham

    Re: Text in the Outline Pane

    Thanks Catharine,
    Tab separated columns works in some limited cases, but generally it isn't a good solution. You can imagine what would happen to tabbed formatting during translation. Everything would have to be reformatted by hand.
    I appear to be out of luck. Only text in placeholders appears in the outline pane and apparently you cannot make new placeholders. I found the following statement concerning placeholders at the MS support site.
    "You can delete individual placeholders by using the Delete method, and you can restore deleted placeholders by using the AddPlaceholder method, but you cannot add any more placeholders to a slide than it had when it was created."
    So, unless there is some way to make a custom Autolayout, I am SOL (strictly out of luck).[img]/w3timages/icons/frown.gif[/img]
    Clyde Wisham

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