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    Too many Address Books

    First a double apology... 1) I posted this question a while back then completely forgot to check back, and [img]/forums/images/smilies/cool.gif[/img] I am double posting here and on the Outlook Express forum -- please slap my wrist if necessary...

    Too Many Address Books!

    A "Windows Address Book" (Program: wab.exe; data in "my-name".wab) comes with Outlook Express.

    A "Personal Address Book" (pab) is associated with Windows Messaging, data in addressbook.pab

    A personal.pst address book seems to be related to Outlook (which I used to have installed, but no more.)

    Word 97 pulls up the pab, OE pulls up wab

    (Word97 USED to pull up the personal.pst address book when Outlook was installed. It is now unreadable by anything.)

    Is there any way to teach WORD to use the wab so all this stuff gets coordinated?

    Is there any way to read my (old) addresses in personal.pst, short of reinstalling Outlook?

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    Re: Too many Address Books

    Unforunatally the OE address book is not a MAPI registered address book so it will not work with Word.

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    Re: Too many Address Books

    I was afraid it would be something like that...

    Is it possible to turn things around and teach OE to work with the (MAPI) personal address book (*.pab) that Word (and Windows messaging, AND E-Stamp [before it quit the personal postage business] ) use? (I'll give up on personal.pst as set up by Outlook)

    Thanks, J.

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