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    Mail Merge (Word 2002)

    I am learning to do mail merges. I need to know how I must deal with letters (or labels) where I write "The Smith Family", "The Jones Family", etc. Is that what I must write or is there anything else? Thank you very much.
    Alan Silberlight

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    Re: Mail Merge (Word 2002)

    Mail Merges can be simpler or more complicated depending on (1) where your address information is stored, and (2) whether you have consistent data.

    Let's suppose hypothetically that you saved your addresses in an Excel sheet that has the following columns: Title (Mr/Mrs/Ms), FirstName, LastName, Street1, Street2, City/State/Zip. And you plan to address all of your letters to The <<LastName>> Family. You could use Word's mail merge wizard (Tools menu, Mail Merge) to set up your labels document and connect to your spreadsheet. Then, you just insert the text and fields you need.

    If your tests result in a blank Street2 for people who have nothing in that field, there are a variety of options for suppressing blank lines, discussed in excruciating detail on this board. Similarly, if you want to combine the Title+FirstName+LastName where that information is available, but use The <<LastName>> Family where the FirstName is not available, you can do that with some "field code magic" which has been discussed here in other threads.

    Does this help?

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