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    Word Wrap in ASP

    This is a 'summary' post:

    I have wanted to get an ASP page to display such that a large text string wraps rather than pushing out to the right. After much work and neural processing, I developed a function that does just that! It's less than 20 lines long and can be used as an include file for easy invokage.

    I was originally finding problems getting a simple text line to wrap on re-display or print but, mysteriously, that behavior has since vanished. It seems things work fine if you are using text with spaces, which covers most expected input. Anyhow, this function still has some utility in cases where you've got a long text string with no spaces (such as, perhaps, a GUID concatenation or a long URL reference such as the one on this reply page, a long e-mail address, etc.).

    The attached file shows the function and a way to call it via an include file.
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