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    Runtime error 3702 (ACCESS 2000)

    I am making an ODBC link to Oracle 9i running PeopleSoft Learning Systems software. When I try to delete a row through an ODBC link (Oracle driver) I get a runtime error "Run-time error 3702 - The width of a unicode text column must be an even number of bytes." The PeopleSoft table does have a large text field which Access interprets as a memo. I really need this functionality and I don't know what to do about this error. Has anyone encountered this and found a solution? Thanks, Jim Allison

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    Re: Runtime error 3702 (ACCESS 2000)

    Access/Jet assumes by that memo (and text and Hyperlink) fields are UniCode and does compression on the field for all characters where the first byte is 0. However for memo fields it only compresses if the field is 4096 characters or less - good question why, but . . . I suspect the Oracle driver doesn't deal with that quite right - have you tried using the Microsoft driver for Oracle?

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