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    call log in office 2000

    I currently track phone calls on paper; since I have office 2000, I'm wondering why?!?!? I'm sure that I can do this with office 2000, but there is no specific "phone call log" function/screen.

    Does anyone have a suggestion how to do this - should I use the calendar, or the journal, or contacts or tasks - I'm thinking it should be a combination, but its not (at least to me) very intuitive how I should do it.

    Meaning, when the phone rings (or I start dialing), what do I open? How do I time stamp it and associate my contact?

    It could be that "log" is the incorrect thing to search for, but I've always called it a phone log..

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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    Re: call log in office 2000

    use the journal. associate it with the contact, then use activities tab on contacts to locate all entries.

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    Oops! >> Thanks!

    There it is in Journal Entry Type: Phone call with timer, contacts etc..

    Sorry for not seeing this before

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