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    AutoAdd Records (A2K)

    I need to add records to a table base on a quantity. Example; I need to issue 25 serial numbers, where the serial number is an autonumber field. The serial number table contains the following fields: SNID (autonumber)and LotID (number). The SNID is what I am using for my serial numbers and the lotID is the material that the serial number is assigned to. I plan on the user to enter the lotID and Quantity in unbound fields on a form, then press an issue button to generate the numbers which can then be printed out.

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    Re: AutoAdd Records (A2K)

    I'm sorry, but what is your question? And what's the purpose of using an unbound for for this ... Unless you just want the user to enter one lotID and quantity and then issue 25 serial numbers for that? But if that's what you want to do, it still doesn't make much sense.

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