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I have a small office network using Microsoft's Small Business Server and a variety of clients runnung Win 98, ME, 2000, and XP. All are using Outlook 2002. Everything was working well until the beginning of the year. Now Outlook will only work properly after it is first configured. After it is shut down the first time and reopened, we have problems accessing the Address book when composing new mail, printing mail messages, etc. The Win XP machines just close Outllok without any message while the Win 98 and ME machines display a Kernel 32 error message. We can receive mail just fine. If I remove the exchange mail account and restart Outlook we can use Pop3 mail just fine. If I then reinstall the exchange mail account, Outlooks works perfectly until shut down and then the whole process starts over again. I have been to the Microsoft knowledge base and tried all the seemingly relavent fixes but none seem to work. Can anyone offer any ideas?