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    Workgroup problems (2000sr1a)

    Having had problems with 2 users being able to open a database simultaneously, and having ruled out the obvious possibilities, I decided to dabble with workgroups to see if it would help (though I understand there's no reason why it should). I set up a workgroup on a network drive to which every user has access (including write permission - Win2k), and joined it myself, but whenever another user tried to join they received the message "Access denied". I triple checked all permissions, which were all OK, and tried setting the file permissions to Full Control (parent folder permission set to , inherited permissions off), but to no avail.

    What was I doing wrong?

    I decided it was all a waste of time, and wanted to unjoin this workgroup, but couldn't find any documentation for that, so decided to rejoin the default workgroup, which as I recalled was named system.mdw. Only problem is that I have 2 system.mdw's - one in Program FilesCommon FilesSystem, and the other in Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice. The former is dated after the latter, but both are in 2001. Does it matter which one I join? I don't want to run into any problems with any future databses I create and develop.


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    Re: Workgroup problems (2000sr1a)

    To be on the safe side, you can create a new System.mdw using the Workgroup Administrator, i.e. Wrkgadm.exe in C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice1033 in a default installation.

    Note: the preferred way to have users open a database with a specific workgroup file is not to have them join that workgroup file, but to provide them with a shortcut that opens the database with the shortcut file. The target of such a shortcut looks like

    "C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOfficeMSAccess.exe" "PatabasePathDatabaseName.mdb" /wrkgrp "P:WorkgroupPathWorkgroupName.mdw"

    where the various path and file names should be replaced by the ones you use. Of course, it's possible to use UNC paths (serversharefolder) instead of paths with drive letters.

    The /wrkgrp startup switch tells Access to use the specified workgroup file.

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