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    Can't open database after upgrade (97 to 2Ksr1)

    Hello again

    Those nice people in the IT department have just upgraded my PC to Office 2000, problem is that I now can't open one of my Access 97 databases. My problem is that when I try to open the database (no one else is using it) it tells me I don't have permission to convert the database.

    Now the original database was developed with security enabled (work group set up etc), it was then decrypted, replicated and generally had the security removed (it will run on any PC with Access 97, no problems). Since the security was 'removed' I've added a lot more forms, queries and VBA to ease user input and prevent business rules from being broken.

    I've tried joining the work group I originally set up, on the off chance there was some of the security left. With 2000 though I was not asked for my user name and password, if I don't enter this how does the workgroup know it's me and I have full permission? As a result the database still would not open.

    OK, sorted out the problem, I created a new database in Access 2000 and imported all the tables, forms, macros, modules and reports to that, this opens no problem at all.

    I'd still like to know if anyone can say why the work group logon stopped asking for user names and passwords etc.


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    Re: Can't open database after upgrade (97 to 2Ksr1)

    Odds are you got to the right workgroup file, but since Admin didn't have a password in the file, Access never prompts you for a password. A slimmer possibility is that you didn't for whatever reason get to the right system.mdw, and were still pointing to the default one, which never has a password for Admin. You can confirm the situation by using the Workgroup Administrator - it tells you the current setting for the security file that is stored in the registry.

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    Re: Can't open database after upgrade (97 to 2Ksr1)

    Still another possibility is that the database was created using security set on the System.mdw, which gets overwritten when you upgrade to a later version of Access.

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