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    Print macro not working anymore

    Word 2000

    A friend had recently upgraded to Word2000 from Word 6, and a macro that used to work like a charm for sending labels to a specific printer no longer works. Can someone take a look at the following code and let me know what (if anything) is wrong with it?

    Thanks so much for the help! [img]/S/wink.gif[/img]

    Sub MAIN
    Dim FPS As FilePrintSetup'built in file print setup constant
    Dim dlg As ToolsEnvelopesAndLabels'built in labels dialog constant

    ' retreive current printer setting
    GetCurValues FPS'retrieve settings for printer
    DefaultPrinter$ = FPS.Printer'store default printer to variable

    ' set printer for label printing
    FilePrintSetup .Printer = "Epson FX-80 on TOSLABEL_DOT_MATRIX"

    FormatAddrFonts .Points = 12
    FormatAddrFonts .Default
    GetCurValues dlg
    dlg.LabelDotMatrix = 1
    dlg.SingleLabel = 1
    dlg.LabelText = Selection$()
    x = Dialog(dlg)
    If x = 1 Then

    ToolsEnvelopesAndLabels dlg

    ' reset printer to default
    FilePrintSetup .Printer = DefaultPrinter$'reset printer
    End Sub

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    Re: Print macro not working anymore

    What is the code after Word2000 automagically converts it to VBA - or does it refuse to do so?

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