I have a workbook that uses the ThisWorkbook object to instantiate a class
module within the workbook.
There are also two regular modules.

In preparation for moving the class module and the two regular modules to a
VB 6 compiled ActiveX DLL, I converted the two regular modules to class
modules within the workbook.

I decided to keep each class module separate to make code changes easier.

I then added a new regular module to provide Public constants that had been
in the original regular modules.
I also added wrapper functions in the new regular module that could be used
as worksheet functions using functions in the new class modules.

I added Public variables to the new module for instantiating the classes.

All 3 classes are instantiated in the Workbook Open event.

If I go thru the workbook and make sure that all the cells are updated, I
find that certain cells are not updated when the workbook opens.
They were updated prior to my changing the regular modules to class modules.

I expect that this is due to some sort of timing issue involving
instantiation and the wrapper function.

Is there a workaround?