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    Problem signing project (XP)

    Sorry for the duel post (also in VBA), but I am really struggling with this problem.

    I developed a workbook template for my group with a bit of code in the background. I signed the project with a certificate I created using SelfCert -- that worked great. A couple of times over the past couple of years I have gotten a message that there was something wrong with the certificate and it was discarded. No problem, recreate the certificate and re-sign the project. This also worked until today. When I tried to create another signature, SelfCert gave the error message "SelfCert Error: Could not create a certificate."

    I have tried Office's detect and repair. I have tried removing and reinstalling this component of Office (but not all of Office). I have tried moving SelfCert.exe, Makecert.exe, and Signer.dll to another drive. Nothing has worked. Please, any help correcting this problem would be appreciated. Alternative solutins also appreciated.

    Office XP and Win XP Professional

    Thanks in advance,
    Seattle, WA

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    Re: Problem signing project (XP)

    From this message:

    In case it helps the next victim, I resolved the problem without finding out what
    selfcert.exe's problem was. I used makecert.exe to create a new certificate directly with the
    following command:

    makecert -n "CN=mbk" -sk myNewRootKey -r -ss myNewRoot

    And maybe this one gives some pointers too?
    Jan Karel Pieterse
    Microsoft Excel MVP, WMVP
    Professional Office Developers Association

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