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    Mail Retention Time (Outlook/Exchange 2000)

    I had a conversation on Friday with someone who had a different understanding of how Exchange/Outlook handles deleted messages.

    It is my understanding that when an Outlook user deletes a message, this message goes to the Deleted Items folder. Dependant upon the settings the user has set up, the Deleted Items folder is emptied one way or another. The message is retained in the users mailbox store on the Exchange server for a period of time (Deleted Item Retention duration setting) before being permanently deleted.

    I was told that when a user deleted an item from the Deleted Items folder that it was, at that point, gone for good.

    When is a message permanently deleted? Is our setting of 70 years retention time saving all deleted items on our Exchange server?
    [we are mandated to keep all messages until otherwise directed]

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    Re: Mail Retention Time (Outlook/Exchange 2000)

    I've never used Exchange, so I don't know what happens when you delete a message from an Exchange mailbox.

    When you delete a message from an Outlook folder (e.g., in a PST), it typically is moved to the Deleted Items folder. If you delete something from the Deleted Items folder, that deletion is permanent. The user has the option to receive a warning before permanently deleting messages (Tools

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    Re: Mail Retention Time (Outlook/Exchange 2000)

    >If you delete something from the Deleted Items folder, that deletion is permanent.

    ... unless, at least in OL 2000, you are using Exchange and have the recovery add-in installed (dumpster.ecf?), then you can recover certain messages sent to you, but not sent messages you have deleted, using Tools, Recover Deleted Items. This option can also absolutely, finally, delete messages. See attached graphic from Exchange Server OL 2000.

    I'm in XP right now and it isn't installed and won't install ... hmm. Maybe because at home I don't have Exchange?
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