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    Opening snapshot attachmnet (Outlook 98)

    Have a user who is running Outlook 98 on Win XP Pro. Send snapshot files from Access 97. User is unable to open Snapshot file. This problem has only recently started to occur. Ability to do so was there up until 1 - 2 weeks ago. Same message sent to different user with same O/S and version of Outlook is able to view attachement. No new software installed or system configurations made (that I am aware of). Any help is greatly appreciated. <img src=/S/bananas.gif border=0 alt=bananas width=33 height=35>

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    Re: Opening snapshot attachmnet (Outlook 98)

    Well, SNP doesn't appear to be on the list of "Level 1 Attachments" blocked by the Outlook 98 security patch (Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 262617 - OL98: Information About the Outlook E-mail Security Update), so surreptitious office update probably wouldn't explain it. Any chance the user's login changed and it's a privileges issue?

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