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    Collapse My Documents Folder (XP Home)

    How to set the My Documents folder as collapsed when the Windows Explorer is open? Since there are many folders inside My Documents folder, I can not see the My Computer and My Network Places folder when the Windows Explorer is open. I need to scroll down to see My Computer and My Network Places folder.

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    Re: Collapse My Documents Folder (XP Home)

    You can create a shortcut on your desktop, pointing to My Computer or any folder of your choise, which opens a new window in "My Computer" (one-pane) or "Explorer" (two-pane) mode.

    Syntax for shortcut is:

    %windir%explorer [/e,][/root,<object>,] [[<folder>]| [/select, <sub object>]]


    Use Explorer view (scope and results pane view).
    The default is open view (results in pane view only).


    Specify the object in the "normal" name
    space that is used as the root (top level)
    for Windows Explorer. The default is the
    Desktop folder.


    The parent folder opens and the specified object is selected.

    <sub object>

    The folder or file that Windows Explorer
    opens. If the /select switch is used, the
    sub object is highlighted. If the /select
    switch is not used, the folder or file opens
    in Explorer. The default is the root<object>.

    ("Default" means there is no swithch in command line.)


    Explorer /e, /root, Reports
    Opens an Explorer window at Reports.

    Explorer /select, C:WindowsCalc.exe
    Opens a folder at C:Windows (or activates
    one that is currently open), and selects

    Explorer /e, /root,
    Opens a folder to the Archive folder. This
    is a good way to create a dedicated, remote,
    documents archive folder. A link to the
    folders can then be placed in the SendTo folder
    for quick routing of documents.

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