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    No shift cells? (2002)

    I work on a help desk. HAd a user call in this morning to say that someone had messed with his Excel sheet such that they deleted "a cell" I am assuming that he means that they went to the edit menu and deleted a cell and shifted cells such that a row or column was deleted, and now his cell references are off. He would like to use the Insert cell command now - but when he goes to do this it will NOT bring up the shift cells dialog box, in order to allow him to shift them. Any ideas what could cause this and how to get around it? It is a 52 MB sheet that will be heck for him to recreate.


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    Re: No shift cells? (2002)

    If the user selects a cell or a block of cells, the item on the Insert menu should read Cells... and the corresponding item in the context (right-click) menu should read "Insert...". Both should present the user with the Insert dialog.
    If the user selects one or more entire rows, or one or more entire rows, the menu item reads Cells and the corresponding context menu item should read Insert. Both take immediate action, without showing a dialog.

    As a workaround, the user could select the cell at the location where a cell should be inserted, and start the Visual Basic Editor (don't fear, no programming needed, but VBA must be installed) by selecting Tools/Macro/Visual Basic Editor... or by typing Alt+F11. Then, activate the Immediate window (View/Immediate or Ctrl+G). In this window, type <font face="Georgia">ActiveCell.Insert xlShiftToRight</font face=georgia> if the cell should be shifted to the right, or <font face="Georgia">ActiveCell.Insert xlShiftDown</font face=georgia> if the cell should be... you get the idea. After this, the Visual Basic Editor can be closed.

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    Re: No shift cells? (2002)

    You can manually grab the range and move it right or down, depending on how he wants it. A Delete shift is either Cells (up) or cells(left).

    The references of any DELETED cells are gone (you get a "#REF!" error). All of these would have to be recreated. The problem is if there is more than one, you have to know what all are.

    What about a BACKUP copy?


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