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    Change Chart 'ToolTip' (XL 2K)

    If you have a chart sheet, then whenever the pointer is over a portion of the chart, a "tool-tip" appears with the series name, the point, and the XY-coordinates. Is there anyway with VBA and API calls to change the tooltip? In my case, the series are actually single points that are plotted on top of a map, so I would rather display the lat/long. In the attached picture the (101, -326) should have the lat/long instead. I could use the mouse-move event to trigger the update, but this event doesn't give the series/point that the pointer is over. I currently display the information with a modeless userform which is updated with the select event, but it would be much nicer if the userform always matched the tool-tip or all of the info was in the tool-tip. TIA --Sam
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    Re: Change Chart 'ToolTip' (XL 2K)

    Why not overlay the picture onto a chart sheet that is setup with the XY-coords being the latitude and Longitude?
    Then when you select the point the latitute/longitude will be given in the tooltip


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