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    increased line spacing with bold text (Word 97/WINNT/2K)

    We're running Word97 on machines with either WIN NT 4 or WIN2K. With WIN2K and non-standard true type fonts (i.e. fonts we bought from a type foundry in contrast to fonts that come with Windows such like Arial etc.) Word slightly increases the line spacing within paragraphs when single text is formatted as bold, but only if the line spacing option for paragraph formatting is set to "Multiple" (at least the translation of the German option would be "multiple", unfortunately I don't know how this is for an English/American version - it's the one where one puts in something like "1.5 lines" - do I make myself clear?). With WIN NT Word does not change line spacing which of course is what we want. It doesn't happen either if I set the line spacing to an exact value like "14 pt" but since this then applies to all paragraphs regardless of the font size it isn't really an option. Going back to WIN NT isn't either. I tried all the options in the compatibility section of the options menu, but although some of them (like "no leading" or "no extra line spacing") do slightly change the appearance, none of them completely solves our problem. Does any of you have an idea?

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    Re: increased line spacing with bold text (Word 97/WINNT/2K)

    I've never used Multiple line spacing; it is described more in this article.

    If a bold character is taller than a normal character, this could be a function of the actual font files. If it works on some PCs and not others, check your font substitution settings to see if True Type fonts are being substituted during printing. (You can't trust the screen either way, I don't think, as the differences are presumably very subtle.) There was a recent discussion of font substitution; hopefully that thread will point you toward the right part of the printer driver settings to check.

    If you end up needing to use different Exact line spacing for different fonts, you might want to define several different styles so that you can have the appropriate height associated with a particular font size. Not as easy as using only one style, but the only thing that comes to mind.

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