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    Send message - Autodial


    A colleague of mine is using Office 97, and has recently needed to reinstall to fix a corrupted DLL file.

    She tends to write emails offline and then connects to send them as a batch at the end of a work session.

    Ever since the reinstall, she has found that Outlook tries to automatically dial through the modem whenever she closes Outlook with messages in the outbox. Previously it gave a warning message, but did not try to dial.

    What is the cause of this, and where do you stop it happening?

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    Re: Send message - Autodial

    In Outlook2000/IMO the settings you need may be located in either:
    Tools->Options->Mail Delivery

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    Re: Send message - Autodial

    Thanks Ril,

    As I said before, she is using Office 97. However, I was able to figure out that the correct incantation is

    It defaults to "I use a LAN connection" and I had to change it to "I connect manually".

    It seems strange to me that it still worked (sorta), with the default setting, when she doesn't even have a LAN card installed. [img]/w3timages/icons/thinks.gif[/img]

    However, it is working now, so thanks for the pointers.

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