We've upgraded our remote users to Office 2000 SP-3. As near as I can tell from the flood of phone calls, they are experiencing the 100% CPU usage problem. I've found the fix and successfully deployed it to machines in-house. That's great!

The @#$!% of the problem is that the fix asks for the location of the Office CD. Short of mailing the CD all over the country to each of our remote users, does anyone have any suggestion for applying this fix without the CD? A very brief phone call to MS suggested posting to the newsgroups or forking over cash.

I'd guess we can do something that involves sending the correct DATA1.MSI file along with the fix, but that's a semi-big file (that they probably couldn't get anyway since Outlook is being stubborn), and doing that would require a lot of hand holding ("save the file, don't forget where, run the update, browse to the file you just saved...").

Thanks greatly for the help,