Quoting Woody's announcement here
I'm happy and proud to announce a new crop of "Woody's MVPs" at the WOPR Lounge. These folks have devoted hundreds, if not thousands, of hours to answering questions, giving advice, and generally making Office more usable to all of us. They're all volunteers, selflessly giving their time and effort to keep the Lounge going - a truly remarkable group of people.

Permit me to introduce....

Bryan Carbonnell, who's a VBA (and VB!) ace and Word/Excel/Access expert.

Steve Aprahamian, who's a Chemist by day and practicing guru by night.

Al Hoffman, known to his friends as "Big Al", former IBMer, current Kentucky partisan, and 100% good guy.

It really makes me proud to know that people like Bryan, Steve and Al are carrying on the old tradition of helping folks learn the ropes.
On behalf of all the Moderators and the Lounge Admin, <img src=/S/bravo.gif border=0 alt=bravo width=16 height=30> and welcome to Bryan, Steve and Al, and thanks for all your hard work. Have a great 2003.

Users can congratulate the new mods here