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    I have an excel workbook that I copy from each month and create a new financial report. After coping I delete last months data and copy and paste new data into this new workbook. Okay, now this month I have a sum formula in column d which sums columns f,g,h. then in columns i-p I enter additional numbers. I then have a checks and balance column R that reads +d95-i95-j95-k95-l95-m95-n95-o95-p95. this should become .00 if my column d equals columns i-p. I have over 100 rows with this in and this month some rows are coming up #value!. I can not figure out why. I have tried deleting and recopying and retyping the formula with no luck. any help anyone can give me would be great as I have a big deadline today and can not verify my numbers with out checks and balances. Thanks in advance

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    If you're copying and pasting, make sure that none of the data is in text format. One way to force the data into numeric format is to copy the number 1 from some cell - select all of the data cells and Paste Special>Multiply.
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