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    Full path on title bar (2000/SR-3)

    I got used to have the entire path of a file displayed on the title bar (using R.Soldaat's "Office Toys").
    I no longer use this ad-on.
    Can anyone help in solving this issue?
    Thanks a lot!

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    Re: Full path on title bar (2000/SR-3)

    This works will most office apps.
    It was advised in the lounge some time ago, but I cannot find the post.

    Open the web toolbar.
    Press ctrl-ALT and right click on the web address and then drag it up to the menu (text menu items) line.
    Release the mouse and you now have a copy of the full address in the menu bar.
    It usually is too short to be of use, so left click in the menu bar area, select customise and expand the size(length) of the address control.

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