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    Access Reports and networks

    We have a complex Access report that is part of a large database. This database is saved on a company network. A coworker of mine created the database and all of the reports. She created all of the reports to fit on one legal sized page. When she opens them, they open correctly. However, when I open them they are opened on a standard letter size page. And, when I try to change it back to legal, not everything fits. The really bad thing is that after I've opened the report, it opens wrongly on her machine. Even if I chose not to choose save any changes, the next time she opens the report, it opens incorrectly (legal size page, but not all fitting on the page.) It's like the report has been magically enlarged ...

    It appears that we'll have to re-do several of these reports now ... but can anyone tell me why this happened and how to prevent it?

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    Re: Access Reports and networks

    Printer settings are saved as part of the report, but they're specific to the printer the report was formatted for. When you run the report on a machine with a different printer, it cannot resolve the differences and defaults to letter size portrait. You didn't indicate which version of Office you were running, so I can't be specific about the problem or its solution. However, it sounds like you are using local printers of different types (for example, a LaserJet on one and an inkjet on another). If you print the reports to the same network printer, you should be able to save the settings from one machine and use the same settings from the other.

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    Re: Access Reports and networks

    there is a prob with A2000 and the saving of reports on different machines.....SR-1 supposedly fixed this problem HTH

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