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    Generating Random Text

    I've seen a few threads here where a question gets asked and one of the many helpful people ask to see an example but without the actual text in case that's proprietary.

    Generating a lot of random text can be a pain. However, I ran across an item in "Using MS Word 97" (which I think is still in Word 2000) that is a real gem for this situation. Many people I interact with on Word never saw this, so I'd thought I'd share it for cases such as this.

    At the beginning of a line (MUST be at the beginning of a line, so for some strange "semantic" reason, the first line after a manual page break does NOT qualify), type:


    This will generate 5 paras each of 3 sentences of "The quick brown fox...".

    You can tailor the text by including arguments:

    =rand (p,s)

    where p=number of paras, s=number of sentences per para.

    While this is not truly random text (as the index of the book classifies), it works for my purpose.

    Hope this helps someone. it's been great for me.


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    Re: Generating Random Text- and Star posts


    It's a good hint. Since I found out about it, I've been using it on a number of occasions.

    If you'd been earlier, it would have got a star post, as this post did.

    But your post expands on the usage, and is a valuable contribution.

    Somebody has asked about star posts.

    They are posts which moderators consider to be of general use.

    They may well be simple concepts (as one recipient has "complained"), but would generally be a concept which:
    .Might be new and useful to many people
    .Might be a useful post to point people to in the future

    It is entirely subjective, and it may well be that (ie, we probably have) we've missed some excellent posts.

    It's just a pointer that there may be a gem of wisdom in there somewhere, for someone.
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