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    Mass Mail to change email address

    Hi, I want to do a one (or 2) time mass mailing to the people that I have email addresses for in my address book telling them that I am changing my ISP and mailbox location.

    Is there easy for me to send to all my contacts at once, without all of them seeing the email addresses of everyone else in my book?

    Any wording that works to cause most people to update their own address book when they get a message that so and so has change email addresses?

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    Re: Mass Mail to change email address

    Assign all your Contacts to a common Category. You can do this by selecting a Contact and hitting Ctrl +A (Select All). Now right click and select Categories. Choose a Category.

    Next, select View | Current View | By Category. Select that Category heading, then drag and drop it on to your Inbox. You may get a warning telling you this action may take a long time. If there are any Contacts without a valid e-mail address, you'll be warned. When the new message displays, just go through the To: field and remove those names that aren't underlined (these are the Contacts without a valid e-mail address).

    Click in the To: field and hit Ctrl+A again to select them all. Select Cut from the Edit menu. If you don't have the Bcc: field displayed, select it from the View menu. Now click in the Bcc: field and select Paste from the Edit menu. When you send the message, you'll be warned there are no recipients in the To: field.

    As far as wording goes, not all e-mail clients work the same, so step-by-step instructions are probably not a good idea. The majority of people who actively use personal address books know how to add and remove addresses, so just tell them your current address will no longer be valid and start using ______@_____.___ instead.

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    Re: Mass Mail to change email address

    if you want to send to everyone in your address book, open a mail message and click the To button. you should be able to hold shift and select all addresses, then click the bcc button. if you don't have a bcc button, then show the bcc field using the view menu.

    you can also select all the addresses in uour address book (hold shift or control as you click) then right click and choose send email from the menu. this fills the to field, you can drag and drop them to the bcc field.

    finally, you can do a mail merge in word - this lets you send a message to each person instead of usinf bcc.

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