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Thread: Calendars

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    Two calendars OL97 - one on OSB (Shortcut Bar) and one in Sent Items folder list.

    After replying to meeting request - meeting request message goes to Sent items folder. When checking the calendar from Sent items folder (Actions/Check Calendar), meeting request is shown, but from the calendar folder on the OSB, the appointment does not show.

    Recurring appointments show on both.

    No filters applied, no rules applied.

    Running Exchange 5.5, and 50/50 of OL97 and OL2000 on approx 600+ W97 PC & NT4.0 Workstations.

    Anyone seen this before?

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    Re: Calendars

    are they both pointing to the same calendar? chec kthe shortcut properties or View > folder list and click on the shortcuts to see where they go.

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