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    Document Properties (Any)

    There must be a way to get a file's custom document properties without fully opening the file. Obviously Windows Explorer does this, does anyone out there know how to do this as well?
    Say I have a directory of thousands of large (many MB each) digital images and I would like to print(thumbnail or full-sized) all of them with all the camera settings and such that are stored in the Custom Document Properties. I am aware of the ActiveWorkbook.CustomDocumentProperties which is nice, but I wish to get the data simply and quickly without having to display each image.

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    Re: Document Properties (Any)

    Microsoft has a DLL to get at document properties for some types of Office documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) without opening them; see Dsofile.exe Lets You Edit Office Document Properties from Visual Basic and ASP. It won't work for other file types, though, unless you use Windows 2000 with NTFS (see the MSKB article for more info).

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