I'm having a problem with a Word command button. I've got a simple document that people open with a big button for people to click and run a macro. This works fine most of the time, but sometimes the document opens in "design mode". By "design mode" I mean the Control toolbox is open, and there is a "Exit Design mode" toolbox open. If I just click on the button, it opens the VBA procedure I have assigned to it. If I click on the "Exit Design Mode" button, then my button doesn't work.
Of course, nothing is consistent and I can't repeat it on demand, but it seems like the design mode problem happens when the document is downloaded from our intranet server and the user o[ens the file directly from their browser (i.e. chooses to either open the file directly from the web server or they save it to disk and then choose open after it downloads). The browser in use here is IE 5.5SP2
Any ideas on what is causing this and how to make it so that the command button always runs the macro?