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    File Upload Size problem? (ASP)


    I'm using the "ASPSimpleUpload" component to upload files to a local intranet web server & cannot upload files bigger then 2Mb in size.

    The upload times out with the & the the CPU usage shoots to the max & the upload terminates.
    I have already increased the server connection timeout and script time out settings to 900 seconds.

    My setup is a Win2000 Advanced Server loaded onto a Compaq workstation, P4 chip, 512Mb RAM.
    IIS Server 5 with Index Server for document access and indexing.

    Pls. can you suggest a solution which enable smooth file uploading of these larger files?
    Is there a filesize restriction hard-coded into the HTTP protocol?



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    Re: File Upload Size problem? (ASP)

    Hi musab,

    I'm not aware of any built-in limitations regarding file size for uploads.

    I have not used ASPSimpleUpload, and unfortunately I can't get to their website at the moment - seems to be down.

    I would recommend trying another free component - ASP Smart Upload. I've used this one on several occasions and it's proven quite effective. Although, I haven't tried files over 2MB before. There doesn't appear to be any limitation mentioned in their documentation.

    Finally, you might also consider checking for the latest Service Packs, in case you aren't already there. This article (MSKB 218880) references a similar problem with NT Server that was fixed with a SP.

    Hope this helps!

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