For those of you who have been following the thread "More Icons for Customised Buttons/Menu Entries" in Word
<pre>Public Sub cmd_ShuffleButtons()
Dim cmdBar As CommandBar
Set cmdBar = Application.CommandBars("ShowFaceIds")
Dim intCount As Integer
intCount = Sqr(cmdBar.Controls.Count)
Dim intIndex As Integer
For intIndex = intCount To 1 Step -1
Dim intA As Integer
intA = Rnd(intCount) + 1
Dim btnStyle, btnFaceId
btnStyle = cmdBar.Controls(intA).Style
btnFaceId = cmdBar.Controls(intA).FaceId
Dim graphbtn As CommandBarButton
Set graphbtn = cmdBar.Controls.Add
With graphbtn
.Style = btnStyle
.FaceId = btnFaceId
.Visible = True
.OnAction = "cmd_ShuffleButtons" ' a coup de Greaves
End With
Next intIndex
End Sub